Location: Kralendijk, Bonaire

Today was a pretty chill day. We went off with a blast in the morning with some beats by Drew, who aided me in waking up all those sleepyheads below deck. After clean-up, I saw some worried faces because we had a Marine Biology test coming up! We’ve been studying for the past few days, so hopefully, everyone did well. After the exam, we had an MTE class taught by our second mate, Eric. Today’s class was on dinghy usage and anchoring, and he upped the ante by offering practical dinghy lessons after class to anyone who wanted to try. In the end, Orren, Issac, Drew, Ben, Carly, and I signed up, and that class was pretty sweet; we got soaked. After that, some of the others went off to town for some bites, and yet others (namely, Keenan and Conner) headed off to Jibe City for some great windsurfing. I myself went off to the Spice Beach Club, where I had too much to eat and thus fell asleep right after getting back on the boat. During that time, however, some people had signed up for diving, so they got ready and split into an early group and late group and went by dinghy to explore a dive site to the north that we hadn’t yet been to. By the time they got back, it was time for some sheet changing! Some people are ambivalent about sheet change days, but I myself love getting fresh, starchy sheets. After that, we had a delicious Italian pasta dinner from the chefs; then, it was time for a night out! We started the night at Havana, where we met up with some of the CIEE students before splitting off. I love ice cream, so I instead spent the night ‘chilling’ at Gio’s, this amazing Gelato place in town, until it was time to head back on the boat.