Location: Kralendijk, Bonaire

After an eventful night out with our fellow shipmates, we were in for a fairly low-key day. It has been nice to have a few extra days in Bonaire to relax and catch up with classwork before the five-day passage to Jamaica. Our last full day included getting acquainted with the science equipment aboard Argo and examining some otherworldly ocean-going organisms under a microscope. A few of us went out in Smoke to collect samples of Bonaire’s amazingly clear water and some of its smaller marine microorganisms. After our lab, we stowed the diving gear, tidied up the deck, and had the rest of the day off to do as we pleased. A few shipmates joined our medic/provisioner Tina to satisfy the industrial-grade shopping list needed to keep twenty-two people fed for the next ten days. After enjoying enchiladas for dinner, we had another Oceanography lecture and jumped into bed, knowing that passage prep awaits us in the morning.