Location: Underway to Jamaica

Today marks the morning we leave the dock in Bonaire for a 4-day, 600 nautical mile passage to Port Antonio, Jamaica! We began with passage prep this morning, then proceeded with Leadership class taught by our first mate Ian. We took personality tests, which was hilariously accurate about all of us. We left the dock around 1:30 pm and raised three of the six sails. Later that afternoon, we had a Marine Bio lecture from Steve and had on deck showers by using the fire hose, which definitely gave off some force! We began dinner, which was particularly tricky under the extremely rolly conditions making quite the mess for clean-up crews! We have also had many flying fish jump aboard (and possibly hit a shipmate in the face) to see what we’re up to, only to have us running around panicking to get them back in the water! Day 1 passage down, 3 to go!