Location: The Med - 36.39N 2.31W

Today we found ourselves once again plodding our way through the big blue; however, compared to the usual 360 degrees of blue we have gotten used to today, we have had the beautiful rustic Spanish coastline insight. The coastline has also reminded us of our own influence on the seas as we look to the blue we now regularly see fishing boats, commuter ferries, some sailing boats, and various other floating material. It seems long ago we were crossing the Atlantic, and seeing another boat was a cause for excitement among shipmates. The sea state has picked up a bit despite the landmass currently on our port side, which means for some the journey is a little less comfortable than perhaps would be liked but all in all, everyone is in good spirits, after all, we have great weather, just ate an amazing dinner, we had a beautiful sunrise, and I have no doubt the sunset with being equally astonishing.

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