Location: The Med - 37.08N 0.50W

Unlike our voyage in the Atlantic, Argo is now fighting against the current and the wind, edging ever closer to Mallorca. This morning was an uphill battle not only against the sea but also dodging through and around the various vessels, buoys, and fishing nets. As we get closer to Mallorca and then our final destination, we seem more confident with one another and with Argo herself. It’s funny to think that we have been aboard Argo for an entire month (it seems we got on the boat just yesterday). Still, the crew’s experience at handling Argo even in this kind of condition speaks volumes about the connections we have made with each other and the boat itself.
As we edge toward the end of our voyage, I can’t help but think how close-knit this group of people has grown despite having only known each other for a month. I know personally that I will miss each member (staff included) of this voyage in one way or another.