Location: Palma - Mallorca

I was on watch this morning from 8 to 12, where we saw the island of Ibiza getting bigger and bigger. While waiting “patiently” for our watch to be over and for lunch to arrive, I heard Nina tell Chapman about the conversation she and I had the night before. Nina had explained to me what she would have on her perfect sailboat. She also told me that in 10 years, if she is planning a sailing trip, she will give me a call and ask me if I want to join her. I responded by saying that I would drop whatever I was doing, pack a bag, and take the first flight out to wherever she was in the world. Having a friendship and experiences like this is something that is not easy to find, but I am glad that I was able to find it. I also know that everyone else on Argo has found friends and experiences that they would not have been able to find at a summer camp or back home.
After Nina told Chapman about her dreamboat, our morning watch slowly came to an end. While everyone was waiting for lunch to be brought on deck, we all sat around, watching all of the boats come past as we motored between Ibiza and another island no one could pronounce. Once lunch ended, cleanup started, with a few people getting sprayed by the freshwater hose as a few people cleaned the deck from the mess of lunch. After cleanup ended, we all gathered down in the salon to listen to Carolyn’s presentation on Mallorca. After her presentation, we had a navigation class, which was then followed by everyone working together in taking down the sails. Once the sails were tied down, the engine was shut off, the ladder was put over the side of the boat, and we all jumped into the water. I personally felt like I was inside the movie Life of Pi because the water was like glass, with barely any wind. Even though no one said it, I am sure everyone thought that it was pretty mind-blowing to be able to have gone swimming in the middle of the Atlantic, as well as in the middle of the Mediterranean. Right now, we are only a few hours away from Mallorca, and I am sure people will be excited to get back onto land, as well as call their family and friends to update them on their experiences. I am definitely glad to be able to call my family soon, but also sad knowing that our trip is coming to an end. The Argo crew has all been glad that this trip was made possible and are all definitely glad to have a summer that is completely different than what we would normally experience. Even though this 40-day trip is coming to a close, we are all in good spirits about what lies ahead for each and every one of us.