Location: Palma - Mallorca

Being on land is a different feeling than at sea. Everyone wakes up as a whole instead of a watch team. Today a 7 am wake-up brought everyone to deck together for a breakfast with a view just out of the generously filled port of Palma de Mallorca. After dealing with customs and giving some appreciation to Argo, we made our way to shore on the dinghies. Upon arrival, we had a set plan that soon changed, with groups going in different ways.
As a plan, we decided to travel to a city just north of the coast. Unfortunately, the bus did not have enough room, so some last-minute scrambling led to a group of nine traveling inland for a hike while the rest explored the town of Mallorca. Being able to walk more than 112 feet feels so good, especially with an 8-mile trek up and down a mountain.
The beautiful city filled with Gothic-style catholic churches and architecture appeals to all the scenery. Along with horse-drawn carriages, which were only viewed, not ridden, everyone seemed to enjoy their first day ashore. Now that we are back on Argo, it is time for the jump in shores before bed.
As a final note, everyone on Argo is enjoying some of the beautiful islands in the Mediterranean before making the final leg to Nice. With the wind in our sails, and the weather in our favor, this journey will end as it began; good sailing will always bring about happy souls.