Location: Vela

It’s Day 30! It’s so crazy to think only ten more days till we have to make it halfway on this crazy ride! Only one day left till we hit the equator! Started the day off with a fun 4 am watch! Our group had a blast playing music and talking! Every night out in the middle of the ocean is so pretty! We also shared some Oreos, which made getting up early a little nicer! Had a relaxing watch till the last 30 mins it decided to rain! People had to quickly get their drying clothes off the line before they got even more wet! The food today by our head chef Dray and her assistant chefs, Jack and Justin, was so good; one of the best meals so far! Spent the day in classes, which was not too bad other than the boat was so hot!! Got a good 20 min nap in between classes, though! Nothing like falling asleep at the table. Spent some time studying and got some school work done so that we can party at the equator tomorrow and the 4th of July! Really excited about the apple pie Justin made. It smells so good! After dinner, the sunset was so pretty that everyone rushed to the bow of the boat to get a photo and just abandoned their jobs 😉 Got a super cool (almost everyone) group photo! The sunset was stunning, the best one by far, and so orange.
Also, by the way, Margret is Awesome and cool!
Note from Emma: Jumping off the bow yesterday with Lexi was so fun!!! Sending love to my family!
To my mom and twin: I love and miss you so much, more and more every day! I can’t wait to tell you all the fun and exciting things I have done so far! Almost halfway there!
– Elexia P.