Location: Palma - Motril/Grenada

Hello, concerned helicopter parents,
After a brief session troubleshooting some technical difficulties (getting that propeller squared away), Argo is currently motor sailing again as fast as possible along the coast of Spain into Motril. We expect to dock tomorrow morning – back on schedule! Today watches continued on calmer seas, and we all chipped in to help with some BA (boat appreciation). An extensive deck wash removed all the salt that sprayed up during this passage. Our ship is looking beautiful and clean for our arrival. We were able to shower on deck this afternoon under a bright sunny sky and calm seas. We ate quesadillas for lunch and stuffed bell peppers for dinner.
Buenas Noches!
-Blog posting guy’s addendum: Hi everyone, I would like to inform you all that we have safely arrived on time in Motril today and we all toured the Alhambra! You will be getting that blog update tomorrow with all of the associated photos. Speaking of photos, it usually takes a day to compile the fabulous photos that all of the students take for the previous day’s blog and to select the ones that make it. Some days the pickings are slim, and I do apologize for the delays, but hopefully, you have enjoyed them thus far. I hope everything is going as well at home as it is here.

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