Location: Underway to Jamaica

We are on the passage to go to Jamaica. The sailing is long but fun. It’s hard to be on watch for four hours and off for eight, but as the days go by, we get used to it. By now, it’s getting easier to get up at midnight, or four am to stand watch. We’ve had good weather for sailing and have even got five of our six sails up. We haven’t had to use the engine much, and have been going around eight or more knots this whole time. The boat is moving a lot, which sometimes makes it hard to sleep and even harder for the chef, but the food was great today as usual, and the chefs did a great job. We did a man overboard drill to save an imaginary body, lucky the man was saved. Our Captain Ben said that our response time was good, but of course, it can always be better. We had a fire drill after that, but that was an accident — the chefs set off the fire alarm while cooking dinner. We still mustered and did the drill anyway because whenever the fire alarm goes off, we have to treat it like it’s real. Now I’m getting ready to do another watch and sing sea shanties with Elliott, Zack, and Drew, who made-up words to a popular sea shanty to be all about our night out in Bonaire.