Location: Underway to Jamaica

Our last full day underway to Jamaica started off with a pod of Melon-headed whales singing us to sleep for over an hour. The wind died down, and you could hear them talking to one another through the hull of Argo, and everyone said it was one of the coolest things they’ve ever heard. Unfortunately, I was on watch team two who was asleep at the time, so we did not get to witness this natural phenomenon; we were all pretty bummed. However, around 0830, Ian, our fish guru, and first mate caught us a Mahi Mahi, which was pretty cool. When they die, their bright green-yellow color fades instantly, it’s pretty crazy, and tonight we will eat him for dinner!

On another note, tonight, we hit a small squall and set our speed record for the trip currently at 12.3 knots, which was pretty cool. It was pretty calm all day long, not exceeding more than about 10 knots, but after dinner on the horizon, we saw some rain and darker skies than usual afterglow following the sunset. We have a rule on board that while underway, we do not open up the hatches on deck; however, some of us did due to the humidity throughout the day and down below in the cabins. During that little squall, we went through came to some pretty massive waves crashing over the deck, and the starboard 6-man hatch wasn’t dogged from earlier, causing some very grumpy, sleepy, wet boys. We carried out our watches through the night, and tomorrow, we will be arriving in Jamaica around 0600!