Location: Port Antonio, Jamaica

We arrived in Port Antonio in Jamaica, approximately at 4 a.m. Since we got here in the middle of the night, Captain Ben Diamond decided to anchor in the harbor and not try to dock Argo in the dark. We all woke up to what I thought was going to be a beautiful day. But that did not happen…… We woke up to lots of rain, and it was tough. We still have to put all four sails away properly. So we spent the morning in the pouring rain while accomplishing one of the toughest BA’s, boat appreciation, in this voyage. After completing most of the BA, the crew got together to help haul up the anchor and head into the marina. We tied up to the dock and had a delicious lunch while getting inspected by immigration. We finished all the paperwork for immigration, then started finishing our boat appreciation and got ready for Katie to present her PowerPoint on Jamaica. Everyone got so excited that the marina had a shower and laundry machines. Pretty sure half of the crew ran out of clean clothing. After a delicious dinner, everyone got to enjoy a night out in Jamaica.