Location: UW to St. Lucia

Day 36 was a good mix of hard work and fun at the same time. We started with oceanography in the morning, right after breakfast. Then we got going on passage prep. This last passage prep went really well. I was very happy with how quickly everybody worked. Soon after passage prep was finished up, we all went to the beach to play some beach games for our leadership class. The first game we played was a team-building game where we were supposed to find a way to reach a tree about 30 yards away while each of our feet was in contact with two other people’s feet. It ended up taking a little while, but with good teamwork, we managed to figure it out. The second game we played was Capture the Flag. It was great to get involved in a game that was a little more competitive. The final result of the two rounds was a tie. The tie-breaker will be decided by apple bobbing in the salty pit. After having had a lot of fun at the beach, we began our passage to St. Lucia, a very exciting experience as it’s been a while since we did an overnight sail. Plus, it was the first time we got the sails up in the dark!