Location: Petit Piton, Saint Lucia

ML here writing the blog for Ash since, for some bizarre reason, he doesnt like writing the blog. Today started for me at 3 am with watch from 3 am-6 am, but because we were arriving around 6:30 am and getting on the mooring ball watch teams, 1 and 2 worked together to drop sails and get the dinghy ready to launch, though when we got here, we found a boat in our spot, so we had to call the park ranger and have them kick the boat off since we had it reserved. While waiting for the park ranger to show up, watch team 1 was relieved, and most of us went back down to our beds to sleep. While most of us slept and had a relaxing morning until lunch at noon, I was woken up at 10:30 to cook our lunch of Pad Thai and grilled pineapple. After lunch, surrounded by the gorgeous view of Petite Piton, we had oceanography with Sam, where we continued on our third unit of lectures. Once we finished class, we moved into the boat to bed and got the tarp up so we could have some shade on deck to stay cool since it just keeps getting hotter. Once everyone was finished with the boat to bed, we had some time to work on our Oceanography research project. Some went snorkeling, and I was in the galley cooking up quesadillas for dinner. After everyone finished eating, we did squeeze, where Ash asked a very clever question If you were made into an action figure and came with two accessories, what would they be? Everyone answered the question very differently but so accurately for them as person. While I was writing this, we were finishing up with dinner cleanup, and the boys had a rap battle. We have a leadership class where Sara and Doron will teach us about the island of St. Lucia before we can go to bed to get some sleep before our big day tomorrow, where we are going on an excursion to see the island we are already so in love with.

P.S. I miss you so so much, Mom, Dad, Nene, and Bailey!