Location: Marina Smir, Morocco

Today we entered a new continent, Africa, and we entered the country of Morocco in a small city known as Marina Smir. The marina was built into a stand-alone city away from the main cities so that yachts could have a quiet place to tie up. It is beautiful here!! Everyone is so excited! I am stoked, I have never been to Africa, and it has been the number one place on my bucket list for quite some time now. A lot of people are very tired, however, including me, so excuse my writing skills this evening, please. A few people are also a bit sick with a cold, but our medical staff Ian and Tina, are getting people back into full gear. This morning was our last day in Gibraltar. We just did passage prep and then set sail for Marina Smir. It was a slow day; we just had rotating hour watches throughout the day with PSCT class and Oceanography after lunch. We left Gibraltar at 10 A.M. In addition, navigating through some thick fog, and we arrived at Marina Smir around 4 P.M. We have another Oceanography class after dinner and then some shore time. No big news really, although I know tomorrow we have an exciting long day planned in a cool town south of where we are staying. I believe we are leaving Marina Smir, either Monday or Tuesday, for Agadir. Personally, I feel that I am getting used to life on this boat, which is good since I did not have any boating experience prior to this trip. I am learning something new every day, and I feel like I am getting a lot out of this trip. I am very lucky to be here, and this is a tremendous growing experience. Our Atlantic crossing is coming up starting November 11!
~ Caroline 🙂