Location: Georgetown, Grand Cayman

Today we arrived at Grand Cayman, after two days of sailing. We pulled up to a commercial dock so we could clear through customs and immediately started our boat appreciation. We were all able to change our sheets for a fresh set and give our cabins a good cleaning. Tina, Jason, and Carly went provisioning for the food we’re going to need while we’re in Grand Cayman while the rest of us started inventorying all of the dry food we have left on board. We spent a lot of time counting cans, bags, and bottles so we can provision again in three days and have the right amounts of food for our trip to Cuba. It was a bit of a slow day, but we had a nice ending with a squeeze question from our captain asking us to tell the group what we admired about the person to our right, a delicious lasagna dinner by Mona and her sous chefs, and brownies for dessert. Now we’re heading down to the salon to watch the movieDeep Water.

We’re looking forward to getting back in the water scuba diving again tomorrow!