Location: Underway to Grand Cayman

A beautiful sunrise peeked through the scatter of clouds, starting our full day at sea towards the Cayman Islands. Within the next hour, a ruckus began: our fishing guru, Ian, set out two lines for our morning watch, and we were able to wrangle in two tunas. As we were getting ready to drain them in our bucket, they decided they didn’t want to become our food and started flapping around, sprinkling everyone near the stern with fish blood. It was smelly but hilarious! At the end of the watch, I stayed up to shower and was hanging out with watch team two when dolphins became our friends and came out to ride our bow wake. There was a whole family of them, babies included! After watch, team two was off watch. It was lunchtime. Following lunch, we had our basic seamanship midterm, followed by oceanography class. There was barely any wind today, so we had the engine running to maintain a constant speed of about 6 knots — until after class when Carolyn told us that we were going to heave-to and jump in the ocean to do our daily shower! We stopped the boat in the middle of the deepest part of the Caribbean — the Cayman Trench. As we jumped into the crystal clear waters of the deep blue ocean, we couldn’t help but wonder what was swimming far beneath us in the 14-thousand-foot-deep water. We also had a stowaway grasshopper jump onto our vessel in the middle of the ocean. Oh — and Zack finally shaved his beard!