Location: Underway to Grand Cayman

Today started off tough since most of us stayed up late to finish our oceanography literature review (like authentic college kids), so our gas tanks were empty for passage prep. Maybe we were just sad to leave Jamaica, though, which has been my favorite island so far. After the long struggle of making our vessel seaworthy and getting up two sails, we were underway to the Cayman Islands. For the past few days, we’ve been docked, and it’s funny, but before Jamaica, none of us really realized the heat of the Caribbean sun. The wind whipping through our boat cooled us off, but being stationary in breezeless Port Antonio was hard. We were looking forward to getting underway to get the air moving around us again, but the weather gods weren’t on our side. With next to no wind, we were forced to fire up the engine to make it to Grand Cayman on time. Motor-sailing for long stretches like this is strange. Eventually, the days start to morph together.

I’m looking forward to the simplicity of life passage brings to the Argo crew over the next 24 hours.