Location: Port Antonio, Jamaica

Day 36. Our third day in Jamaica was quite eventful and full of fun. After a delicious breakfast consisting of breakfast burritos, everybody fell into the normal routine of cleaning the boat just like we do after every meal. Then it was time for SLD. Being the skipper, you are generally given a briefing of what we are doing for the day, but today was quite mysterious. I was not told what we would be doing for our SLD class, only that we needed long pants and water. Being on an island climate, everyone was instantly asking questions as to why we would need long pants. Ian, our SLD instructor, had planned his class on an abandoned island near the Errol Flynn marina where we are staying. Once on the island, we were given further information. We were to split into our watch teams for a team-building exercise. This team-building exercise was a scavenger hunt that took us all over this beautiful yet kind of creepy island. We were told there was treasure at the end for the winning watch team, so all the teams were desperate to win the hunt. As it turns out, there was no treasure; the “treasure” was bragging rights as the best watch team for the day. After a wonderful class, we were allowed to set out and explore Port Antonio. Some people went around looking for adventure, but some crew-mates and I went for some pizza at a local Italian joint (we have had our fill of jerk chicken for the time being) and also went to a cool little craft market on the other side of town. Following our exploration, just about everyone returned to the boat to do some classwork that was due quite soon. After a dinner of “casserole” (it was really good but more of a potato bake), we finished our day with a marine biology class led by Steve. We leave tomorrow for the Grand Caymans, and I’m sure we are all hoping for some strong wind and nice sailing.