Location: Port Antonio, Jamaica

Today we began our day with a delicious gooey coffee cake made by Eliot and Keenan. Shortly after breakfast, we had the privilege of having Ashley Futral Chapman and her husband come speak to us about freediving. Ashley is a world record holder for free diving and has gone to crazy depths of over 200 feet. After this, Carolyn took over our Oceanography class to teach us all about waves. Then we packed up all of our things and headed to Boston Bay for a fun day at the beach and surfing. We all took our turns trying to stand up on the surfboards, some of us picked it up fast and others not so much. For lunch, we enjoyed more jerk chicken and pork with festival bread and plantains. Around three, we packed up and headed back to Argo for a big dinner of baked potatoes. We ended our night with a lecture on Marine animals by Scuba Steve and all headed to bed after an exhausting day.