Location: Atlantic - 20.31N 63.26W

Today we experienced a lot of firsts on Argo. Since we’ve started our trip, many people, including myself, became seasick. Some made it to the deck, others not so much, but we did experience an amazing sunrise, stars for those on watch during the night, and an amazing sunset, and hopefully, by tomorrow, everyone will be good. We had our first Seamanship Class, which consisted of the different forms in which one can position sails. As an aftermath of staying up late and seasickness, I can roughly estimate 1/3 had trouble focusing; but we quickly woke up because following this, we had our first fire drill and evacuation drill. Though we could’ve been slightly more organized, it all ended smoothly. Then, we showered on Argo for the first time. I’ve never had such an adrenaline rush from just showering. Finally, we ended this day with a squeeze question by asking ourselves the age-old question “Would you rather have legs the size of fingers, or fingers the size of legs?”