Location: Atlantic - 23.07N 61.41W

Crossing the Atlantic is quite a daring feat, as spending 14 days in the middle of the ocean being bumped by powerful waves and blown by gusts of wind is not easy to deal with. For all of you highly concerned parents and friends, just like my own, I have a message for you: We are doing fantastic! Today our course was interrupted by a squall. As the rain began to pick up, the crew did a great job of working together to take a few sails down by either sweating on the ropes or morally supporting those who were doing the sweating. All in all, it was a team effort. After we worked hard to prepare for the storm, the crew enjoyed the chilled rain as it replenished the 30 of us from four days of blazing sunshine, And yes, everybody is wearing lots of sunscreens! As I am writing this, the rest of the crew is enjoying our fifth moon-rise on Argo. These moon-rises look like something out of a magazine; they are incredible. We plan on heading eastward, towards the Azores. We still have a ways to go, but everybody has a smile on their face, besides the few pale faces who have been spending a lot of time looking down at the ocean…with that, we will talk tomorrow good night from the Argo crew.