Location: Atlantic - 25.37N 60.13W

Well, good evening, parents, friends, and other visitors of this blog to our fantastic yet daring aquatic navigation of the Atlantic Ocean. My name is Madeleine, and I will be your skipper for this evening. So let’s start off with the trivial matters first and move on to the excitement for the day.
So far, we’ve sailed 506 miles since leaving the British Virgin Islands (not to brag or anything). Today in Seamanship class, we learned the different parts of the ship, a daunting pursuit, but nevertheless, we are fully equipped for the task. We also caught two Mahi fish on the lines on the stern of the boat much to Ian’s (our first mate) utter delight. In exciting news, Ivor wowed us with his excellent guitar skills while Spencer, Nalani, and Aaron laughed over many hands of cards.
The whole crew is really bonding (I guess that’s the only thing a group of thirty people can do with no connection to the outside world), and it is thrilling to see people’s true selves coming to the surface. Jason has astonished the entire crew of the length of his marine wisdom, and Mary Peyton shares her laughs with everyone around her.
For dinner, our captain, Ben, made a delicious stew for our entire crew, quickly followed by a delicious cake that was gone in seconds. The cake was to celebrate Taylor’s birthday; she’s eighteen! For her family and friends reading this, we want you to know that it is a joy to have her as one of our crew, she lights up every room she enters; thank you for sharing her with us.
Goodness! I just remembered, a pod of dolphins swam by our boat today, showing off their beauty to us, only to determine after half an hour that we were too boring to be deigned with their presence.
Well, I must dash, duty calls, you understand. Have a lovely summer, we will return with sunburnt skin, and stories of a lifetime.

Best wishes from somewhere in the middle of nowhere,



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