Location: Atlantic - 28.03N 58.50W

Hello family and friends, today was another fantastic day without seeing, you guessed it, land! Amazingly this lack of turf has not had any discouraging impact on any of the students or crew aboard Argo. We’re barely a week into this spectacular journey, but you would think we had known each other for years by the amount of camaraderie amongst the students. I have no doubt that we will all be leaving Argo with some life long friends and a skill level far beyond what we came here with regards to sailing. Although we have barely seen any boats or other signs of life out on the great Atlantic, we did pass two large freighters in the night last night, which dwarfed Argo in comparison to their massive sizes. Normally this would be an unremarkable experience, but considering the vast emptiness that is the open ocean, it proved quite exciting for all those on watch at the time we spotted them. I and the rest of us on board the Argo have nothing but optimism regarding the rest of this expedition and cant wait to tell our families and friends back home about the life-changing experience that is Seamester. So, in closing, I would just like to thank all the families who supported us in our quest for adventure because you enabled us to do something truly special, and that will alter our perspectives on ourselves and the world around us in a permanent, and positive manner. Goodnight!

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