Location: Still the Atlantic - 30.13N 55.7W

Today marks a week since we boarded Argo. Although it has only been seven days, we have already formed close friendships and settled into our daily routines. Every crew member is diligent in pitching in his or her share to ensure the boat runs smoothly and all of its passengers are safe. As much as we love performing our duties, I feel comfortable speaking for us all when I tell you meals are the highlights of each day. Meals are an instrumental part of each day because they are the sole occasions we are all together. After dinner each evening, we sit in a circle and join hands. The student assigned to the role of Skipper is responsible for coming up with a question. We all take turns answering it before resuming our nightly chores. This activity allows us to deepen our relationships in fun and accepting environment. During this exercise, we briefly forget about our tasks and get the opportunity to bond with the staff.

I look forward to this ritual each evening, and I am eager to see what the future Skippers will inquire about.