Location: Cienfuegos, Cuba

This morning we were all woken up around 7:30 am for “all hands on deck” as we were about an hour outside of Cienfuegos Cuba. We had been underway for about 24 hours at this point, and it was definitely a rough passage that many of us were feeling the side effects of! So when we were pulling into the calmer water of the bay, we all were smiling ear to ear. We dropped anchor around 11 am, where we then began Boat Appreciation, where we scrub the boat from top to bottom, which was very much needed as there was salt EVERYWHERE even down below from all the spray we took on! Before we can leave the boat, we had to be cleared by a doctor who boarded and took all of our temperatures (we all passed) followed by immigration that walked us through the paperwork and customs forms. Luckily for us, after we were cleared, special guest, Jim Stoll, who is the founder of Sea|Mester, joined us on board! He will be sailing and experiencing this exciting time with us for the next two weeks in Cuba. Everyone is sure excited to have a new person on board and hear some fresh stories and any knowledge he has to pass on to us! This evening was a very quiet relaxing night as everyone is still a bit wiped from the crazy passage… No doubt,, we all will be sleeping like babies tonight, excited to see what Cuba brings tomorrow!