Location: Cienfuegos, Cuba

Today marks the halfway point and no better way to begin than with a spectacular Cuban sunrise. Our first day in Cuba was an entirely new experience. For me, at least it was my first time in a communist country, and the prices are far lower than any other country we have visited. (time to do all sorts of birthday and Christmas shopping). Cuba has not yet had the chance to become a tourist destination, so the infrastructure and culture remain relatively intact, but a lot of things (like architecture, cars) haven’t progressed much since the 1950s and ’60s. Walking down the street is a weird mix of modern and old fashion. In some places, it’s like going back in time.

On the sailing side of things, we had our VHF radio quiz today that I’m sure we all aced — or at least I “hotel oscar papa echo” we did! The owner of Argo, Jim, has also offered to show us how to determine our position with the sun and the stars which some of us are really excited for, and are looking forward to getting started on tomorrow.