Location: Cienfuegos, Cuba

Today on the wonderful island of Cuba, we went on a nature hike. During the nature hike we saw a lot of animals and plants. It was great to see the diversity of the animals that live in a wilder environment. We saw a lot of stray dogs and horses all around the city. Best of all we saw flamingos!!!!! They were pink and bigger than any flamingos I’ve ever seen in the zoo.. After the boat ride to see the flamingos, some of the students wanted to be adventurous and went to eat at a restaurant that the local taxi man pointed out.Best lamb meat I ever had. Definitely the best meal on this trip so far. After that we got to walk around the city some more. After dinner we are taking our Oceanography mid-term, then we’re going to play some Rummikub. The time is flying by, we are already over the half way hump and it only feeling like we been on this boat for a couple of weeks. I guess that’s the problem when you are sailing around the Caribbean.