Location: Underway to Cayo Campos, Cuba

Last night after a can of Pringles and bag of Nilla Waffers, Grizzwald had the genius idea to find the hammocks in the Lazarette. After about an hour of Laz diving, we finally hear “I STRUCK GOLD!!!” from underneath the deck and up comes Ben with huge canvas bunches. Carly, Ben, and I fell asleep with the clear sky above us, zipped up in our hammocks like caterpillars in cocoons, to the chaotic bustle of Cienfuegos nightlife. I was woken up at 0100 by Carly for my anchor watch, and she pointed out how cool the air had gotten and was heading back to our cabin. I tried to tough it out, I never wanted a blanket onboard until about 0330 and accepted my defeat and followed back to my bunk. Grizzwald made it until 0530, I believe, holding the trophy for longest hammock slumber so far since this (shockingly) was our first time breaking them out.

This morning we woke up to the smell of Ian’s unbelievably tasty crepes, followed by passage prep, some of our Lit review presentations, and being surrounded by little medusa and huge moon jellies. We raised the anchor and started to navigate our way out of the windy channel from Marina Cienfuegos. Today was a big day, we hosted our three prominent sails in under 10 minutes, setting our personal record, which was an impressive collaboration between the crew with the goal of getting faster and faster for Classics Race Week at the end of our voyage. Headed for some little inhabited islands south of the Cuban mainland, we split up into our watch teams and set sail. Ian continued to impress everyone with his cooking, making the best-roasted potatoes we’ve ever had. It was a great end to a busy, yet relaxing day getting underway.