Location: Cayo Campos, Cuba

Today we arrived at Cayo Campos just southwest of Cienfuegos. As my watch team and I arrived at our destination, a sudden PFFFT sound went off at the bow of Argo. Jason was on the bowsprit to keep an eye out for any coral reefs we could possibly hit. When he was moving on the netting, he got his tab handle caught on the spread and set off his PFD. When being at the helm, I heard the noise and panicked because I just assumed something bad had happened. Thankfully, it was just a funny accident. After all that commotion, my watch team and I woke up the rest of the crew to get ready to anchor in the Cayo Campos. The water is so clear that you can see the lobsters crawling across the ocean floor. Today was a relatively quiet day, where we had the opinion to go explore the uninhabited island or stay and study on the vessel. When on the island, Keenan decided to build his own shack to get out of the sun. Ian, the preventer inventor, built his own raft out of bamboo and fish netting to escape the deserted island and get back to Argo. He lasted about 20 minutes. We decided as a group to head to Isla de La Juventud tonight instead of tomorrow morning. This passage will be about ten hours. I can’t wait to see what’s waiting for us when we get there!