Location: Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

Today we arrived at our second inhabited island. We got there around 8:00 am, just in time for the sunrise. The water was crystal clear and super blue. We were anchored about 40 ft deep, yet we could see the bottom perfectly. There were tons of itty bitty jellyfish the size of freckles that didn’t sting but were entertaining to watch and play with. There were also quite a few stingrays resting at the bottom.

All in all, today was very relaxed. We were originally supposed to spend this day underway to the island, but we all agreed we’d have rather sailed the night before to have an extra day here. So, we had a bunch of study/snorkel/nap time the entire day. After breakfast clean-up, we had a solid three and a half hours of free time. Some of us snorkeled, some of us watched movies, some of us caught up on some sleep we’d lost during the overnight passage. Then after a tremendous Pasta Alfredo lunch, we had OCE and SLD class. We wrapped up the rest of the presentations in OCE and learned more about teamwork in SLD. Then, once those were finished, we had even MORE free time. So right back to board games, swimming, and study time. Then dinner came, and we all enjoyed a great Mexican dish while watching the sunset. My squeeze question was, “what was your first kiss.” Everybody was very happy to answer, and we all shared laughs listening to each other’s stories. It was a great day all in all.