Location: Isla de la Juventud, Cuba

We woke up in the dark this morning very confused: someone was saving daylight, but it sure wasn’t us! In spite of the confusion (and how hard it is to get up in the dark!), all was well as we watched the sunrise during breakfast. Scuba, Steve, then taught us an intriguing lesson about inter-tidal zones. After class, we snorkeled and free dove around the boat collecting data for Sea Keepers. The creatures we saw around the boat were new and exciting. Carly spotted our first shark of the trip: she free dove down to about 40 feet and spotted a nurse shark sleeping under a ledge. We also spotted many stingrays wandering around the ocean floor, along with many reef fish. Then we came back to the boat to enjoy some free time after a tough midterms week, playing board games and watching movies. Around about 3 pm, we began to get Argo ready for our passage to Havana, Cuba. We set sail and enjoyed a delicious dinner by Steve and watched the sky light up in many colors as the sun hit the water and disappeared. For the next two days, we will be at sea, making our way to Havana!