Location: Off the coast of Africa, underway to Grand Canaria

The title is an “Endless Summer” reference, if you were wondering.
This morning we awoke to a beautiful sunrise over our last day in Africa. Well, it was a more beautiful morning for some than others, as many were feeling like their bodies hated them after our (amazing) surf day yesterday. Other than some mixed feelings about the outing in Tetouan (for which I cannot speak, as I was not present), I think the general consensus is that Morocco is a pretty neat place. After breakfast, we had our seamanship class and discussed adjusting for error in our navigation. We then dove right into passage prep, which was more complex than usual, as it involved some maintenance on sails and dinghies. Once we were finished with our preparations, two Moroccan officials came on board to tour Argo and declare us suitable to leave the country (they said we couldn’t, so now we’re running away…you didn’t hear that from me).
As soon as the men from customs left, we began our journey off the coast, sailing away from the murky waters and Saharan sand that somehow found a way to cake itself onto anything we had just cleaned on Argo. We had our leadership class and PSCT, then split into watch teams for the remainder of the journey.
Though today probably seemed like a boring one to the majority of those aboard Argo, thinking about the day’s details makes me realize how incredible every day here actually is, when put in perspective. I climbed the mainstay boom to adjust a line while we were underway and got a beautiful view of the dusty mountains receding behind us. I spent my time on bow watch observing the beautiful rolling waves and a pod of dolphins feeding off our starboard side. I read a book while the sun set before us and a large sea turtle wandered its way through the sea nearby. I got glimpses of bioluminescent plankton and jellyfish while I ate dinner. I can nearly guarantee that everyone else got to see and do some awesome things throughout the day as well, even if it didn’t seem so to them in the moment. Reading what I just wrote, it’s clear that I’m going to have some serious separation anxiety from this life come December.
I’m looking forward to a great passage for the next couple of days – it seems like it’s been awhile since we were at sea. The weather has gotten increasingly warmer as we’ve progressed (especially since Gibraltar; I seriously thought I would get hypothermia there), and although some of the crew prefers cooler weather, I’m glad we’re following the sun. I’m also glad we adopted the camel from Banana Point yesterday. He’s not a boat dog, but he’ll certainly do for now.
Catch ya later,