Location: 14 54.16'S 81 46.33'E

Today we started out the day with a great lunch made by chefs Petey, Tina, and Allie, got right in to clean up, and started class. We had an oceanography and seamanship class today. In Oceanography, we learned about tides and the way the Earth’s rotation, as well as the moon, affects them. In Seamanship, we learned how to triangulate a position given a ship’s heading and three separate bearings. Also, Argo (Ben) managed to pull in another fresh fish, a Mahi Mahi, which I and other students are very much thankful for. Overall, today has just been another amazing day with my crew, and I’m thankful more and more each day for this opportunity. We are five days into this two-week passage which may be shortened due to all of the good wind and weather we’ve seen so far. The swell size has certainly increased, but it’s now coming from nearly just behind us, meaning, if we’re on course, we get to surf Argo. Hopefully, those lessons in Bali paid off! The weather is fantastic, the wind likewise; hopefully it keeps up!