Location: 15 32.96'S 79 01.95'E

Day 43 started the same as most mornings do with a hot black dog (black coffee). Watch team one had the sunrise watch from 4:00 am to 8:00 am, which for many of the crew members aboard Argo is the favorite watch because you get to enjoy a bowl of cereal while enjoying a beautiful sunrise. During our sunrise watch this morning, watch team one helmed us across the 1000 mile marker under sail since leaving Coco’s Keeling. For many of the crew members, including staff, this is an impressive milestone because most have not experienced so much time without hearing the rumble of the main engine. Following a lunch of mac and cheese prepared by Ana, Jules, and Matt, we jumped right into our Oceanography and Leadership classes. The crew has been preparing for our upcoming Oceanography midterm. The crew members taking the Yachtmaster course had their first exam after our two classes. Watch team one went on deck after classes to finish out the 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm watch awaiting Mexican food for dinner. We finished dinner in the daylight, which is a rare occurrence onboard Argo recently, thanks to Ana producing dinner on time. As I write this, the crew is enjoying watching their 43rd sunset together.