Location: 16 19.19'S 76 31.03'E

Today was the last day in the first half of our time on Argo, as tomorrow is our halfway day. Watch team 2 enjoyed a beautiful sunrise while the rest of us slept, and some of us woke up to a wonderful lunch prepared by Mara, Johnluc, and George. We have now switched to the 2nd chart for plotting during watch, which is really wonderful because it has Mauritius on it, so we can see how close we’re getting much more easily. After lunch, we had a Leadership class, where Tina had Carolyn come in and teach us about conflict resolution. It was a very interesting class, and it was very fun watching Carolyn and Tina pretend to be roommates fighting as we tried to solve it. After Leadership, we had a mandatory study hall for our Oceanography midterm that is coming up tomorrow, which was greatly appreciated by all. Showers were an adventure today, and we had fun doing bucket showers round two, courtesy of Jack and Grace, because there was an issue with the shower pump. The chefs worked tirelessly to make delicious enchiladas for dinner and chocolate chip cookies for dessert, a rare treat. After a beautiful sunset, another day on Argo is finished, but another night has just begun.

– Claire

P.S. Hi, Mom, Dad, and Patrick! I hope you’re all doing well. Today we got our COLREGs exam back, and I have to retake it, but it’s all good. Patrick, I hope you did well on your driver’s test, and please, please, please don’t crash the tank. I did not put a single scratch on it, so you have a lot to live up to just saying. Mom, I hope you’re doing cool photographer stuff and Dad. I hope you’re having a super fun time working in an office. Love you lots!