Location: Havana, Cuba

Today was our second day in Havana. We started the day with oceanography and ship handling classes, where we learned about seashore erosion and map navigation. Then, we finally got a chance to see and explore Havana for the first time. We started by spending hours exploring one of the two giant forts that can be found in Havana, complete with some amazing views of the city. Then we spent the rest of the day just exploring Havana, running through the rain trying to find a place to eat, finding little antique book stores and art galleries and just generally having a great time. We all ended the day looking forward to spending more time in Havana tomorrow. However, even coming back was eventful, with all of our taxis being stopped so that President Obama’s convoy could drive by with flags a’ flapping. It was quite impressive, with the President’s limo and all the secret service’s armored vans.A very cool ending to a fantastic day!