Location: Underway to Nassau

Hasta la vista, Cuba! Today we set off from Cuba. After a standard breakfast of cereal, we got into boat prep, doing engine work, attaching halyards, and getting the ladders up out of the water. After that, at 10:30, we headed off to the immigration dock where we had come in the first day, and after that, we were on the water! The channel was pretty narrow, but Drew’s mad skills got us safely out, where we got the sails up, pronto. There is something about Cuba and rough seas because the second we got out, I felt the first stirrings of seasickness. I, for one, experienced the delights of what was called a “boot and rally,” where you feel fine and go back to work right after puking while writing this blog (this sentence, actually!). Still, I’m glad to be back on the high seas and excited for a few days of sailing as we head towards the Bahamas!