Location: Underway to Nassau

Passage to Nassau continues as usual. The sea state is still considerably rough, making it difficult to spend time below deck and out of bed. Meanwhile, the new watch teams are becoming more acquainted and seem to be already settling into their natural roles and rhythms of keeping Argo a sail. Once everyone had been rousted and had their fill of quesadillas for lunch, SLD class came along in the form of a lively card game and an insightful discussion about morals, ethics and laws, and how they tie into the justice system. This was shortly followed by another Marine Bio class with Steve, where we learned about the coral reefs on which we have spent so much time diving. After dinner, those of us who didn’t have watch fell below deck to catch up on lost sleep. The hours of watch early that morning would be consumed by conversations of zombie apocalypses and epic hypothetical battles, because what else should you do when you are awake at 2 am?