Location: Underway to Nassau

This morning started lazy and late as, during passage, the first meal everyone comes together for is lunch. It was definitely a bit rolly today, so the cockpit – where we eat all of our meals – became a sliding ground for leftovers and water jugs, as it was easier than passing things! After clean-up, we continued with our Seamanship Course that was taught by Eric. Recently we have been working on the Navigation Master section, so today, we continued with charting and plotting 3 point fixes and being able to change a course from compass course to true compass. The afternoon was then filled with everyone putting their heads down to study as we have a marine biology exam on Sunday, along with some of our knowledge reviews that are due for our rescue divers course! We should be arriving in Nassau, Bahamas, sometime tomorrow morning, where I know everyone is anxious to get back in the water!