Location: San Salvador, Bahamas

After a calm passage, we arrived in San Salvador in the Bahamas. After a long night of passage, things were a bit slow this morning, including the whole process of dropping anchor and getting through our mini boat appreciation. After a delicious lunch made by Captain Ben and his sous chefs, all the rescue divers geared up and got in the water to do some scenarios. They learned how to help a tired diver on the surface by throwing flotation and assisting them with getting out of the water. They also learned how to subdue a panicking diver — something that was a lot of fun to watch. At the end, our rescue instructors, Tina and Steve, went head-to-head with the students to see how many students they could dunk during each scenario (they tied at three each). After refining our rescue skills, we had some free time to swing in hammocks at the bow and take in the beautiful scenery before an amazing dinner of homemade fish n’ chips. Now we’re heading down below for an early movie night/study night.

We’re looking forward to getting back in the water for more rescue drills tomorrow!