Location: Underway to the British Virgin Islands

Today we woke up to the delicious smell of French toast made by Keenan, Elliot, and Tina. Shortly after breakfast, we began passage prep for our next long journey for about six days. We said goodbye to San Salvador and hello to our crazy passage to the British Virgin Islands. Captain Ben told us that this would be our test for Classic’s Week — the trip is long enough that if we can’t hold the right course, we won’t arrive in the BVI in time (but we’re doing alright so far). After getting underway, we had another great lunch of BLT’s with homemade bread by Orren. Afterward, Mr. Mastercard (Eric) taught us about ETA and speed made good for our navigation portion of our Seamanship class. As the night came, the sea became rougher, and watch team three experienced a squall of rain and lightning as everyone went to sleep awaiting a prank-filled April Fool’s day to come!