Location: Underway to the BVI

April Fool’s Day marks our first full day underway to the BVIs. It began quite early this morning when my watch team got up and discovered there were no bowls, spoons, cups, or toilet paper to be found. After a while of searching, we finally managed to uncover all of the stolen goods and return them to their rightful places on the boat. It was around that time that it started getting light out, and we realized that our courtesy flag halyard had an interesting item attached to it — Carolyn’s crocs! (She found them as soon as she came up on deck barefoot.) Being on the 4:00-8:00 AM watch meant going immediately back to bed following watch — but not before we got to play a retaliation prank on our first mate, Ian. Since Ian is one of our chefs today, we set his clocks three hours ahead (including his watch while he was sleeping!) and got head chef Katie to wake him up and tell him they were an hour and a half late starting lunch. He believed it, running into the galley to get started chopping onions. It wasn’t until he glanced at Katie’s watch that he realized it was only 8:30 in the morning!

Satisfied that we were avenged for the time, we spent digging around for cereal bowls, watch team two went back to bed for some much-needed shuteye. We woke before noon to an awesome lunch of chili, cooked (some hours later) by Ian, Eric, and Katie (Ian was a good sport). Sometime in the afternoon, my bathing suit made its way up the mast along with some other items of clothing from watch team two (retaliation for retaliation — you know how it is). It’s the first April Fool’s prank anyone has ever pulled on me, and I thought it was pretty funny, so I had to give them props — especially since I didn’t notice until almost dinnertime. After lunch, we had MTE with Eric and OCE with Annemarie. Then my watch team was back on until dinner, and the rest of the gang had some free time. Dinner consisted of some awesome baked chicken wings, mashed taters, broccoli, and mango salsa. Hands down one of my favorite dinners we have had so far, made by Ian and Katie. Now it is time for sleep before the next watch begins.