Location: Underway to the BVI

Our second full day of passage en route to the BVI and what a day it’s been. I personally slept in a favorable way, with Argo on a port tack, so I was pushed into the wall of my bunk instead of being thrown out of it — always more comfortable and significantly less scary. However, as my fellow watch team member Isaac says, “There’s nothing like a good old unexpected tack to completely destroy your cabin.” While somewhat hyperbolic, the statement is nevertheless true; I learned the true meaning of it just before noon when the boat changed directions and emptied my clothes out of my cubby in favor of littering them across the room. After reorganizing the mess, I made it up on deck in time for a dolphin sighting — a nice little reward. The day passed quickly as we are now comfortable with our new watch teams: making jokes, telling stories, and getting used to each other’s speed. Before anyone knew it, dinner rolled around and with it, an event! Mona turned 19 today! She says she feels old, but we encouraged her to embrace her youth more. After a delicious batch of birthday blondies made by Carolyn, we started in on cleanup. Washing dishes when the boat is heeled over 20 degrees is always interesting. Now we’re rolling into night watch. My watch (Team Two) is headed up to the deck for the eight to midnight shift.

Looking forward to seeing more stars, more bioluminescence, and having more late-night hypothetical discussions about the zombie apocalypse. BVIs, here we come!