Location: Underway to the BVI

As the sun rose and began to warm Argo, we sailed over the deepest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the Puerto Rico Trench. The crew sleepily emerged on deck some hours later for a fantastic lunch and a small birthday celebration for Eric. It was a beautiful day for sailing, with smooth, calm waters all around us. Occasionally a few seabirds came to investigate our vessel and the fishing lures which we towed behind the boat. After a few minutes, they would lose interest and float away on the soft sea breeze. The boat is now fringed with salt as the booms, sails, and halyards have accumulated small crystals from spray coming up from the bow. With under three weeks left before we leave Argo and replace her deck with the aisles of planes, each sunrise, sunset, and everything in between seems increasingly more special. These are the last days that all 21 people currently aboard will ever be on Argo together. While we have our hiccups, we truly are a memorable group full of people ready to complete rescue diver certifications and sail fast during classics week. I, for one, am planning on cherishing these last weeks we have together.