Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

After a long six-day passage from San Salvador, we were able to call “Land Ho” this morning as we arrived in the BVI’s. Tired faces came on deck to the beautiful views of Road Town, Tortola. After breakfast, we began our successful morning of boat appreciation and cleaning. Shipmates were happy to know that we got clean sheets today after everyone carried salt into their beds every night after watch teams underway. Thanks to everyone chipping in and helping, we were able to finish cleaning by the time lunch rolled around. Our chefs of the day, Steve, Drew, and Isaac, made incredible grilled cheese sandwiches and mushroom poppers for lunch, which everyone scarfed down after working hard in the hot sun all morning. After lunch and our daily clean-up jobs, shipmates had a couple of hours of shore time in Road Town. Tina, Carolyn, and Keenan went provisioning this afternoon, bringing back lots of yummy food to look forward to. We all enjoyed exploring a new town, walking around, and getting some ice cream or a smoothie to snack on. We ventured on with our day as we put away and organized the various bags and boxes of new food into our galley. As the sunset began, we lifted anchor and motored over about 20 minutes to Peter Island, where we would spend the night. We all filled up with yet another great meal of chicken, vegetables, and Yorkshire pudding. After SLD class tonight, we did night swim showers to get clean before jumping into our new sheets!