Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island, BVI

Ah, finally, a full night’s sleep! After our six-day passage, I finally learned again how sweet and uninterrupted slumber felt. After getting up at the standard time of seven and having some cereal, we got ready for something we’ve not done in a while: scuba diving! As we were unable to complete our advanced dives back in Grand Cayman, we took advantage of a beautiful 90 feet deep wreck nearby to complete our Deep and Fish ID dives for two separate groups. I personally was in the Deep Diving group, where we had to complete a series of exercises underwater to see how our bodies reacted to pressure. To be honest, I had been tired from the passage and was not looking forward to yet more stuff to do, but water has an oddly soothing effect, and the moment I was underwater, I felt soothed in a way I hadn’t felt for a long time. Something about the tint of the waters and the silent tranquility undid the stress from the days of passage. So I came up feeling far better than I had been previously, which was well because we jumped right into some Rescue Diver scenarios! This time, we practiced towing an unconscious diver on the surface, which was far more challenging. After that, we lunched, and some people went on an optional hike. Then, we all got together for dinner, and got some passage prep, because tomorrow we were going to dive another wreck, the Rhone!