Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda, BVI

The day started off by heading into the bight of the North Sound of Virgin Gorda for a Marine Biology class of snorkeling through the mangroves! By the end of the snorkel collectively I think we saw every barracuda and its baby in all of the BVI’s! Back on board we all lounged on deck soaking up some sun and much needed break time as we have our oceanography research papers due tomorrow. After an amazing lunch made by Carolyn, Annemarie and Griswold, we went ashore to Prickly Pear island where a very intense game of volleyball came about. As everyone was diving in the sand and sweating in the sun, a jump in the ocean was much needed. Which then again turned into a game of sprinting as fast as you can down the beach into the water to “run on water”! Around 5 pm we headed back on board for jump in showers and dinner. After a very quick clean up- we all found our cleanest clothes, and went ashore to the bitter end yacht club for a night out! It was a beautiful restaurant area with a great beach area and hammocks to enjoy. Once back on board everyone soon crashed from the awesome day full of sun and salt.