Location: Underway to Antigua

It was a slow start on Argo this morning; everyone is beginning to show the wear of long days of diving and sail training while writing papers late into the night. However, once we got the boat all ready to go and started sail training, everyone woke up and raised five sails in less than eight minutes and had Argo flying through the water. The sail training has gotten everyone excited for classics week; I can almost feel the spray on my face now as we cross the finish line.

After a couple of hours of sail training, we sailed into the baths for a day of adventuring and exploration in the pools and tumbled boulders. The pools were magnificent, and the boulders easy to climb. There were more caves and crevices than we could explore, though we did our level best. We swam through tunnels, climbed over boulders, and through caves. We jumped off rocks and chased crabs. The baths offered a plethora of entertainment and even had a small bar to buy food at and rest.

Arriving back on Argo, students got busy working on their research papers due before dinner. After dinner, we got into class and prepared for our final passage to Antigua; by the end of the night, Argo will be underway for one last true passage with this particular group of Argonauts. Hopefully, we will be as successful as Jason and his band of heroes in their race, though hopefully, we will not have to resort to as drastic measures as they did.