Location: Falmouth Harbor, Antigua

Today started bright and early after yesterday’s easy evening. After an awesome cinnamon roll breakfast, we launched into cleanup and “big shiny BA.” Today’s the day that we do all of the prep work for making Argo look sleek and shiny for the Antigua Classics Week Regatta. We polished pins, touched up the varnish, scrubbed topsides, rust-busted, checked the rigging, buffed stainless — and that’s just on deck. We gave down below a good scrub, too, climbing inside bunks, fridges, and bilges to wash every nook and cranny. Zack, who was cleaning out the fridge, hid inside of it while Emily called Ian over to “have a look at something that smelled funny.” He popped out when Ian opened the fridge door. We’ve never heard Ian scream so loud! While the big shiny BA was happening, our provisioners took a long taxi ride to the biggest supermarket on the island, where they stocked up on food for the last 12 days of the trip. They returned around the time that BA was wrapping up in the middle of the afternoon. We got all of the food away, then caught dinghies ashore to stop by the small market, and then headed to the beach for our beach bonfire night out. We brought Emily’s bomb enchiladas to the beach along with s’mores stuff the provisioners brought home for us. We built a small fire in a pit and sat around roasting marshmallows and listening to music. Our squeeze was to give a shout out to someone on the boat who had inspired you, which was a pretty nice way to get us all thinking about how grateful we are to be surrounded by so many awesome people — and how much we’re going to miss one another when this trip of a lifetime comes to an end.